Kirmes -Lights over lights

August 17, 2016

Can't take another second of this head, making up stories and saying I'm better off dead.
They want me to be this perfect thing, like everything is fine and like everything is okay.
But I'm not close to perfect
I'm not close to sane
I'm not the one to worship and I am not the one to blame.
But you made up your mind and you put me on your stage.
Just take it all back - I'm not the king of anything.
- - Beartooth - -

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5 Kommentare

  1. Richtig süße und schöne Aufnahmen!

    xoxo, Marie Celine

  2. tolle Eindrücke :) Kirmeszeit is immer eine tolle Zeit :)

    Paapatya |


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